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Tristel plc has a consistent record of revenue growth as an AIM listed public company.  It is one of only a few businesses worldwide that specialises in infection prevention in human and animal healthcare and contamination control in industry.

Since its IPO in June 2005, Tristel has established itself as a world class manufacturer of liquid chemical hygiene products.

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The Tristel story began in 1993 when the founding shareholders developed a proprietary chlorine dioxide formulation to be used for the disinfection of flexible endoscopes to replace glutaraldehyde.

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Are your training records up-to-date? Request your code to access Tristel's Online Training Portal via to view the video, complete the questionnaire and receive your personalised certificate!

Eliminating single-use plastic wipes

One SHOT can disinfect an entire patient bedspace compared to many pre-saturated wipes. You can eliminate the use of single-use plastic when you clean and disinfect hospital surfaces. 

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